Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Blog!

Hello! I'm Krissy. I created this blog to have my tiny space in this huge world of beauty blogs to talk about my obsession with makeup and nail polish and share my photos and experiences through it all

It's also easier to keep track of all of my favorite blogs when I have one of my own. I really struggled with naming this blog. I love the name I have; however the actual address to my blog had to be different since some jerk created a blog 4 years ago, made one post and never touched it again. Now that means I can't have it!?! I'm hoping one day it will be mine. :)

Like there aren't enough blogs about nail polish and makeup out there I've decided to create my own, and hopefully someone out there will appreciate what I do; like I feel about other bloggers.

I plan on showing my swatches of all of my polishes, makeup and maybe some hauls. That is if my camera behaves and I have time between work and fun time to see the sunshine to take photographs.:) 

I'm not sure what else to write here for my first post but would like to say (not in a bitchy way) that this is my blog and I am entitled to my own opinions and if you don't like it then you can go somewhere else.