Tuesday, August 30, 2011

China Glaze - Midtown Magic

I can't talk about how much I love this color, the green and orange sparkles. The dark burgundy. Everything.
Can you see all of the sparkly goodness in this color? This just came out with the Metro Collection, and in my opinion the best color of this collection and one of the best colors China Glaze has come out with in a while. It's a dark burgundy base filled with green and orange glitter flecks. What this polish does in the light is amazing.
In case you didn't know I'm deeply hurt how I was never lucky enough to get China Glazes - Fortune Teller. That polish is absolutely beautiful and Midtown Magic doesn't really compare to it in any way and Fortune Teller is still on the top of my wish list. I'm not saying that I've given up on my search for it but I kind of feel like I can relax a little on it now that I have this one. haha.
I got a little picture happy with this color. I just wanted to properly show what this polish is and how awesome it looks.

What do you think of this color? Is this your favorite from the new Metro Collection?


  1. This nail polish looks great on your nails!:)

  2. Aww thanks, I could have done a little better work down by the cuticles. I am never any good at that :(

  3. Oh I love this polish! I bought it for my sister. AND of course, I have to use it before I give it to her haha.

  4. How sweet of you :) My sister just steals my polish haha.

  5. One word: STUNNING.

    (I love this colour. Your nails look fantastic!)

  6. I have this but have yet to try it! Looks good though!

  7. Thats a perfect fall color. It's a mixture of gold, green, orange, brown, purple - awesome!

  8. A Polishes Touch- Yes stunning is how I like to describe it too haha. You're too kind lol

    Fingers- I want to see you swatch it :)

    Peac, Love & Polish- Yes I will be wearing it a lot in the fall. :)


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