Sunday, August 21, 2011

OPI - Clubbing Til Sunrise

So...It's only August 21 and I'm thinking about Halloween already. I just ordered the new China Glaze Halloween colors, I can't wait for them to get here!!! but still I need to relax and enjoy the rest of the summer. Pretty soon it's going to be snowing and I officially hate snow and after last years snow I'm ready to move south.

Anyway....Clubbing Til Sunrise is a Burnt orange with shimmer with a nice metallic like finish. It does make me think of the sunrise :) it applied very easily and covered well with 3 coats, however it is not a very forgiving finish for those with ridges in their nails but only real visible under certain lighting. Below: No base, 3 coats, no top coat.

Again since I was thinking of Halloween I decided to try out some looks I might do in October. I tried 2 different black crackles. Which by the way seem pretty much the same other than formula goes, and white. I think I might try this alternating black and white.

What do you think of the crackle over Clubbing Til Sunrise?


  1. When I saw these pictures and before actually reading the post, I immediatly thought 'halloween' lol. But then I read that it made you think of the sunrise.. Which I agree with also lol. As for the crackle polish the white one makes me think of a pumpkin and the black ones make me think of the night! =] Great post! Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming! I posted your link on my blog on the "other blogs" page. Hope you're having a great begining of the week!

  2. Ahhh! I just wrote a whole stinkin' paragraph and it didn't post! Grr!! lol. Anyways.. as soon as I saw the pictures without reading he post it made me think of halloween! As for the crackle polish the one with the white polish on it makes me think of a pumpkin and the black ones make me think of the night! lol. I really like your blog. Keep up the good work! I posted your blogs link on my blog on the "other blogs" page. =]

  3. I really like the black shatter over orange it would be the perfect Halloween mani!

  4. It's so pretty with the white crackle!

  5. Very Halloween-ish! Love it!


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