Friday, September 2, 2011

China Glaze - It's Alive

Just like everyone else, I must post my swatches of China Glazes "It's Alive". You know I just feel that there should be a "!" after "It's Alive!". I don't I'm strange.

Anyway... This is the real glitter of the collection, I feel. Waaay more glitter than Haunting had. It's a green base filled with green and yellow glitter.

 It applied like a nightmare. Just what I had suspected. It looked nice from FAR away, but if you got up close you could actually see where there are dents in the polish since it applied too thick and chunky like, I know this is 3 coats but that's only because It looked this way with 2 coats and I tried to fill the spaces only got worse.

...and like everyone else it doing, I feel I need to show my comparison to last years "Zombie Zest:"... Not comparable at all. I also showed it next to Sinful Color- Call You Later.
 Do you have a comparable color to "It's Alive"?


  1. I love the polish. It is a shame that it went on so badly. I have some thick glitters that do that as well. I love the comparisons. The sinful colors polish is awesome. I have it on my toes right now! Reminds me of St Patricks Day!

  2. I don't have any of the polishes but from the swatches I like zombie zest and sinful color better:)

  3. Veronia- Thanks!

    imfeelingnail-venturous- Its typical for thick glitters like that but it looks so pretty (from far away). I was thinking St. Patrick's day about "Call You Later" too!

    Beautyshades- Yea they're all pretty unique :)


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