Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Color Club - Worth The Risque - Comparison

After doing my nails in Worth The Risque I was thinking that I had a few colors that may be comparable dupes.

You can see they do have their similarities. However in different lighting each one shows it's uniqueness.

With "Worth The Risque" you can see there is more of an apparent rainbow effect. On Milanis - HD it's less obvious that it's holographic than WTR, there seems to be more speckled or scattered holographic pieces of glitter. This also took 4 coats. Last is OPI- DS-Coronation, similar to HD but it has way more of a pay off, it looks as if it's packed with holo glitter and a scattered rainbow effect unlike WTR.
I'm liking Worth the Risque may more.

Color Club-Worth The Risque, Milani-HD, OPI-DS Series-Coronation, Color Club-Worth The Risque

Milani-HD, OPI-DS Series-Coronation, Color Club-Worth The Risque

Does this seem like a good comparison? Helpful? Let me know :)


  1. These are all so pretty! I think Worth the Risque is the best, though.

  2. I'd love to own any of these. They are very very similar, but I think color club is the best

  3. Alaina- thanks... worth the risque is my favorite :)

    Veronia- close. do you own any of them? or another dupe color?

    Allie- Do you own any silver holo colors?

  4. I have WTR and I LOVE it! It is really pretty. I have read a bit of bad mouthing on blogs lately about Color Club and I just don't see it personally. I don't have the silver Milani but I do have the blue HD Milani 'Cyberspace' and while it is a nice scattered holo, it is a bit harder to see especially indoors. Great pics, I wish I knew how to get a good pic of holos without all the fuss. Great comparison I think.

  5. They're really close, but both look lovely!

  6. Great comp! I'm surprised to see HD holds its own against the OPI--Color Club is prettiest, I think, but the other two are pretty close to my eye.

  7. Hi Krissy The smell it's a bit stronger than some nail polihes I own but for me is still ok as I have a royal something glitter polish that smells as strong as the kleancolor. After dry though I don't smell anything:)

    Beautiful color club colour. The opi looks the same to me:)

  8. Great comparison :) WtR is my fav!

  9. WOW all of these are gorgeous, I think I like Worth the Risque the best, it's so.. holo-y! Great comparison :)

  10. Great comparison .... I have WTR and the Milani .... WTR is my fav!


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