Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OPI - Have You Seen My Limo?

First of all I would like to say thank you!!! to Super Cute Super Easy for Awarding me. Definitely go check our her blog she is super talented.

More fall colors!

Dark plum duo-chrome with green shimmer. This color is amazing. I really tried my best to capture what this color does in different lighting.

So I need to do something about my pictures. I feel like they don't capture very well on my camera. Definitely going to need some source of light come winter and the light is gone before I leave work. Any suggestions?

Sorry about my rambling on. What do you think of "Have You Seen My Limo?"...How would you feel about a layout change too?


  1. That's how I'm feeling. I just got a new camera, but I feel it doesn't capture the true color of the polish.

  2. I'm loving this polish! I have trouble capturing some polishes with my camera. I usually use my bathroom as crazy as that sounds, but I have good lighting in there and my pictures turn out decent.

  3. I love your blog! My camera doesn't seem to capture the true color of the polish and my photos are often to bright or too blurry!

  4. I tried some different settings on my camera and hopefully i can have some pictures up tomorrow.

    I'm gonna need your opinions ladies :)

    ..and thank you for all of the sweet comments.

  5. love this polish :)

    i used canon pc1309, i think it's enough to capture my nail arts, you can visit my blog if you want to see my pictures, :) i love my cam :)

    by the way new follower here! :)

  6. I am still trying to perfect my photos... I feel it's a never ending process, because it seems the settings that work for one color don't work for the next :/ I use a home made light box!


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