Sunday, March 9, 2014


So i've decided to come back to my blog. It's been quite a long time and so many things have happened since I last posted. Really bad and really good. I don't want to go into too much detail on the bad but my life was turned up side down and has recently has flipped again but for the good.

I found out I am pregnant with my first child and now I have more time on my hands since my partying lifestyle is now over lol. (BTW my doctor said it's fine that I paint my nails. Don't freak on me.)Since my cuticles are a joke right now and I have been breaking my nails on everything I touch lately I will not be showing any swatches today. Seriously I broke my nail on the side putting my shirt on. I chipped the corner of my thumb nail opening the refrigerator. I honestly thought these prenatal vitamins were doing wonders for my nails.

I haven't been completely out of the loop of the blogging world. I have been silently stalking all of my favorite pages and still buying nail polish like crazy....anyway I made a new layout. Decided to go further with my blog than just nail polish and venture into my love of makeup as well. Okay I will stop talking...I have a lot to review and post for you guys. I hope to hear from all of you soon!

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