Monday, October 31, 2011

Color Club - Nouveau Vintage

First off I want to say I'm sorry for my lack of presence here on my blog. I have been incredibly busy with work and trying to get myself set up to move out. I haven't been completely MIA..I have been quietly stalking out other pages I follow so I didn't just forget about the world of blogger haha.

I also closed my fingers in my car door last week and surprisingly I didn't break a nail. I guess the glass file is working? I do however have a giant bruise under my nail which you can see at the cuticle line no matter how I polish my nails. I will be stuck wearing dark colors for a while until this bruise goes away. It's alright though at least it's not summer.

On to the swatches! I was trying some new lighting, I'm hoping that my pictures have improved... Today I have on a dark (perfect!)polish from Color Clubs "Back To Boho" Fall 2011 Collection.

Below is 1 coat of OPI's Ridge Filler and 2 Coats of Nouveau Vintage.

Nouveau Vintage is a shimmery brown/green/reddish type polish that changes in the light. Gold flecks run through the whole thing. I'm finding it very hard to describe this unique shade. Although the bottle shows a real green color it shows up more brown and red. This polish dried super fast too.

I hope you all have been well. I am hating the snow we just got slammed with this weekend. I'm also stuck being home today with my work having no power :(..It's really sad that I would prefer to be at work right now.

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